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#21 GTW News

Posted by Joseph J. Morelli on 21 May 2020 - 07:55 PM

We are open for business! Our first card comes out on June 13th, 2020. The card name will be Genesis of Grandeur: Conquer the Vault! The show will be a two night Event starting Saturday, July, 4th and Sunday, July 5th, 2020, live from the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan. Night one will be a single eimination Tournament. All winners advance to one of two Vault of Grandeur matches the next night. The two winners of each match will battle it out in a Tokyo Death Match to become the first ever GTW Grand Champion!

Deadline is Thursday, July, 2nd @3 am Eastern time. Results come out Saturday, June, 27th @9pm Eastern time then again Sunday, June 28th @9pm.

•3 Roleplay Limit. The Grand Title is our version of a World Heavyweight Title. There a is no word limit per roleplay.

☆-Note. Grand Tour Wrestling is usually bi-weekly, 2 roleplay limit. This being the first show ever we changed it to 3 weeks 3 roleplays to better evaluate talent.

▪-The other titles have different word count limits.
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#92 GTW News

Posted by Joseph J. Morelli on 14 July 2020 - 04:25 PM

Everything has been updated! Congratulations to Eddie Havok for becoming the first ever GTW Grand Champion! Also big ups goes out to our new and first ever GTW Temptress Champion and living up to her name as #Heather2Straps.
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#81 Genesis of Grandeur: Conquer The Vault!!

Posted by martin on 13 July 2020 - 04:39 AM

a good first show a fast show sure sometimes suprising. Thanks for the service.

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#80 Genesis of Grandeur: Conquer The Vault!!

Posted by Havok on 12 July 2020 - 07:58 PM



Four Way match 

Moira vs Jessika Storm vs Diamond Rose vs Sabrina Rossi


Ding-Ding Ding!!



The Following Contest is scheduled for one fall and is an elimination match to determine the final entrant into the Genesis of Grandeur  Conquer The Vault. Already in the ring, the four participants are Diamond Rose Moira  Jessika Storm and Sabrina Rossi.


Val Valour 

What a great match this is going to be.


Paul Blair

 Yeah, I cannot wait to see who wins this one.


Val Valour 

Moria is fired up.


Paul Blair

Yeah, I heard Diamond was but she has a shoulder injury and is still participating. Let's get started with the match


Ding-Ding Ding!!


Val Valour

Diamond and Jessika run into each other, their arms are laid across one another.  The referee counts 1 2 3  


Ding-Ding Ding!!



Diamond Rose and Jessika Storm have been eliminated!!


Paul Blair

 This Match has become a one on one match right away damn. Moira and Sabrina lock horns Sabrina  and Moira are in the middle of the ring   when the lights go off and then turn back on and then  Moira is covered  and the referee counts 1 2 3


Ding-Ding Ding



Here is Your Winner Moira


Val Valour

 Who turned the lights out?


Paul Blair

That remains to be seen.


Val Valour

I just heard  that there will be an investigation about this


Paul Blair 

Well, Good Night folks. We will see all back here tomorrow ready for night two! 

See you right here for night 2! Find out who will be named as the two wild cards. More importantly who will conquer the Vault of Grandeur to be crown the first ever GTW Grand Champion. 


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#77 Genesis of Grandeur: Conquer The Vault!!

Posted by Havok on 12 July 2020 - 07:51 PM


Four Way Match

Eddie Havok vs Justin Thomas vs Papi Chulo vs Chris Frenzy



PB: We are back live here at Genesis of Grandeur! 


VV: Papi Chulo is already the first guy Im the ring for the next match


PB: Here comes the next one! 


"Heathens" By 21 Pilots blasts throughout the arena......Justin Thomas starts to walk out on to the stage as the crowd boos him then he walk up the steps and climbs into the ring


VV: What a negative reaction that was for Justin Thomas. 


Suddenly For the glory by all good things starts to play as Chris Frenzy makes his way down to ring. 


PB: Finally here comes the last entry for this match. 


The cameras start to circle around the arena. 

Outlaws and Outsiders suddenly hit as the lights in the arena drop, with white lights begin to flash violently around the arena to the drumbeat. 

The ramp starts to flood with smoke, as the words "Grimm Products" in white letters appear across the big screen. 

A couple of figures appear in the entranceway, dressed in Jean's and a sleeveless Leather Jacket, slowly moving towards the edge of the main stage.  

Within seconds they are also joined by two more people flanking them until a single figure rises up from the stage with his arms crossed. 

Wearing a black hood with what appears to be a metal mask. 

A series of fireworks go off along the top of the entrance ramp. 

The lights start to adjust back to normal. The single figure walks forward, with the rest flanking him as he starts to walk down the ramp. 

Once he reaches the ringside area, he stops and raises his arms outwards and the other members slowly circle the ring stopping at each of the turnbuckles, looking out toward the crowd.  

He slowly and methodically makes his way around the ring, bathing in the reaction of the fans within the arena. 

Eddie enters the ring standing with his arms raised and fireworks go off from the four turnbuckles. 

Walking over to the furthest turnbuckle and climbs up to the middle rope, staring out across the arena attendance. 

As his music dies down, he takes off his leather jacket and metal mask passing down to one of the club members, before jumping back into the ring. 

He waits near the corner, pacing back and forth ready for the match to start


VV: All four men are already in the ring.


PB: That's right. Eddie Havok the odds on favourite to win the whole thing is in there versus Justin Thomas to start this one!


VV: And waiting to be tagged on the outside is Chris Frenzy and Papi Chulo.


Bell: Ding Ding!


PB: Collar and elbow tie-up by Thomas and Havok. Havok pushes him back and down goes Justin Thomas. 


VV: Eddie got the best of that exchange!


PB: Justin Thomas is back up...


VV: Running knee by Eddie Havok that hit Thomas flush on the chin!


PB: The cover!


VV: 1...2...3!


PB: Power kick out by Justin Thomas!


VV: Eddie almost had him!


PB: Thomas trying to get up..PELE KICK by Havok!


VV: Eddie lifts Thomas up by his hair...Tiger Press Release Suplex! Havok stalking Thomas. Thomas gets up and doesn't see Havok behind him.


PB: German Suplex by Eddie!


VV: He holds on and another German Suplex!


PB: He held on again and a third German Suplex.


VV: Papi Chulo is climbing the ropes..tag by Havok and I think Chulo has to lift off!!


PB: Chulo with a Frog Splash!


VV: Shades of the late great Eddie Guerrero!


PB: Chulo lands perfectly on Justin Thomas...the cover!


VV: 1...2...3!!


PB: Justin Thomas has been eliminated!!


VV: Chris Frenzy is quickly in with a Drop Kick on Chulo!


PB: Frenzy is taunting Chulo.


VV: He just called Chulo an Eddie Guerrero rip off!


PB: Chulo with a chop! And another and Another!


VV: Chulo is chopping Frenzy down like a Christmas tree.


PB: Chulo bounces off the ropes and a FrankenSteiner into a pin!


VV: Chulo got him. 1...2..


PB: Kick out by one half of the Greatest Tag Team on Earth Chris Frenzy!


VV: They call themselves The Greatness for a reason!


PB: Mark and Chris Frenzy were the very first Shrouded Enigma Entertainment Cartel Champions.


VV: Chulo off the ropes..big boot to the face by Chris Frenzy!


PB: Chulo is down! 


VV: Chris helps Chulo up by his mask. Slingshot Cutter!!


PB: He nailed it! The cover..1..2


VV: Broken up by Eddie Havok!


PB: Frenzy had him!


VV: ED KICK!! ED KICK by Eddie Havok..he tags himself in. 


PB: He's got a cover using the ropes for leverage...


VV: The ref can't see him using the ropes!


PB: 1...2...3!! And Chris Frenzy has been eliminated.


VV: Frenzy rolls to the outside.


PB: Chulo vs. Havok! The winner moves on to the Vault of Grandeur Elimination Match tomorrow night!


VV: Chulo is distracting the ref..wait a minute. What is Frenzy doing? He has a chair.


PB: Havok doesn't see him. Havok bounces off the ropes!




VV: Frenzy just nailed Havok with a steel chair!


PB: Havok goes down.


VV: Chulo with a Standing Moonsault as they finally get Chris Frenzy out of here.


PB: Too late. The damage as been done!


VV: Chulo with the cover and a handful of Havok's tights!


PB: 1...2...3!!


VV: My god Papi Chulo moves onto tomorrow night!!


PB: What a huge upset! The odds on favourite Eddie Havok is no longer in contention to become the first-ever Grand Champion!


VV: Wow! Can you believe Chulo pulled it off? 


PB: There goes my pick. Havok can't believe it and look at Chulo celebrate!


VV: We'll be right back folks!

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#76 Genesis of Grandeur: Conquer The Vault!!

Posted by Havok on 12 July 2020 - 07:47 PM



Four Way Match

Jennifer Enigma vs. Xavier Star vs. Ryker Nash vs. Michael Maddox

Paul Blair:

“Welcome back to GTW, everyone. We have been joined by Mr Morelli for the upcoming match. We’ve got one hell of a match coming up next for you featuring the likes of Jennifer Enigma and Michael Maddox. You won’t want to miss this one!”

Joseph J. Morelli:

“It better be good or they’re all getting fired.”

Paul Blair:

“Really, Mr Morelli?”

Joseph J. Morelli:

“Nah, I’m just fucking with you. Now let’s get this thing started. I’m ready for some action!”

“A Demon’s Fate” by Within Temptation blasts over the PA Systems as the crowd boos and Jennifer comes out on stage with her barbed wired staff and then looks at the fans and then takes her time going down the ramp as the crowd boos loudly she then makes her way to the ring and starts prancing around the ring and then smiles sadistically at the crowd as she sits on the ropes and awaits the start of the match.

Paul Blair:

“Jennifer Enigma looks poised and ready for this Fatal Four Way, Mr Morelli.”

Joseph J. Morelli:

“I hope I get my money’s worth. Her contract wasn’t cheap, man.”

"Forever" By Code Orange blasts throughout the arena......"The Rising " Xavier Star starts to walk out on to the stage then he walks up the steps and climbs into the ring

Paul Blair:

“The newbie Xavier Star has made his entrance. He looks jacked too.”

Joseph J. Morelli:

“I hope it’s not roids. We don’t need a scandal.”

“The End” by Zero 9:36 hits and red lights flash across the arena and out walks Ryker Nash. He throws his arms up in the air before stomping down to the ring and stepping over the top rope. He gets in the ring and takes to the corner and yells out as he rips off his Ryker Nash t-shirt and beats on his chest.

Paul Blair:

“Damn, Ryker Nash is a beast!”

Joseph J. Morelli:

“Of course he is. I scout only the best talent.”

"I Will Not Bow" by Breaking Benjamin blasts over the PA systems as the crowd erupts in cheer As Mike Maddox makes his way on the stage with Val Valour standing next to him and shakes his hips wearing his trademark Leather Jacket Engraved with The Ladies Man on It Maddox then runs down the ramp and slides into the ring shaking the ropes violently before throwing his leather jacket out to the ground and then running over to the nearest turnbuckle and raising his arms at the crowd as they cheer Maddox then jumps down and awaits the start of the match with a confident look on his face.

Paul Blair:

“And now all four competitors are ready for the match to start. Michael Maddox is looking in the best shape of his life. The other 3 are going to have their work cut out for them, Mr Morelli!”

Joseph J. Morelli:

“That’s an understatement, Paul.”

As all four competitors take to the four corners of the ring, the referee signals for the bell and the match starts. Everyone rushes to the centre of the ring and a brawl starts out.

Paul Blair:

“Jennifer Enigma is in Xavier Star’s face with a flurry of punches! Michael Maddox whips Ryker Nash into the ropes, but as he comes back and Maddox tries to shoulder block him, the two big men smash together and seem stuck at a standstill.”

Joseph J. Morelli:

“That’s not going to work, Maddox. Nash is too damn big. Enigma grabs Star by the arm and takes him down to the ground and starts pounding away at the back of his head, shaming him right from the start. Wow, that looks bad on him.”

Paul Blair:

“Maddox and Nash exchange punches with each other and then Maddox gets the upper hand on Nash, sending him to the ropes yet again, but this time Maddox knocks the big man off his feet and the crowd cheers loudly.”

Joseph J. Morelli:

“Star is back up and he kicks Enigma in the stomach and lifts her up for a suplex and drops her down with a sick brainbuster. Enigma rolls around in pain, clutching her back and neck.”

Paul Blair:

“Star seemed to enjoy the pain he inflicted on Enigma. Star looks at her smiling at what he’s done to that poor woman. After a few tense moments, Enigma jumps up to her feet and runs at Star and catches him with a big roundhouse kick that levels the huge bruiser. He’s down! Now Maddox and Nash are back at it and Nash gets in Maddox’s face and the two go chest to chest. Maddox locks him in a headlock, but Nash pushes him off and as Maddox comes back, Nash decks him with a huge big boot that drops the legend in his tracks.”

Joseph J. Morelli:

“Maddox looks like he swallowed some teeth on that one. Star gets back up to his feet and Enigma spears Star and tries to take him down to the mat, but Star overpowers her and deadlifts her up into the air and drops her down on the back of her head and Enigma clutches her neck yet again. It seems Star is targeting that neck now, Mr Morelli.”

Paul Blair:

“Maddox is still down, but suddenly Nash comes out of nowhere and attacks Star with a huge clothesline that knocks the newbie into the turnbuckle. Star is then lit up with a series of gut punches from Nash. Enigma struggles to get back up, but as she does, suddenly Maddox comes from behind and grabs her up and drops her down in a reverse sit-out facebuster and goes for a pinfall on the damaged Enigma.



Kick out by Enigma!

Joseph J. Morelli:

“I thought that was it for Enigma, man. She’s obviously in a lot of pain with that neck of hers.”

Paul Blair:

“No doubt. Now Maddox is pulling Nash off of Star, but only for Maddox to light Star up with a series of punches to the skull. It seems like everyone wants a piece of Star tonight! Star crumbles in the corner and then Maddox slaps his hands together and smirks, but he turns around and Nash smacks him in the face. Maddox grabs his jaw and smiles and then tackles Nash to the ground and starts punching him in the face as hard as he can.”

Joseph J. Morelli:

“Enigma is back up! She pushes Maddox off of Nash, but Maddox takes this personally and gets up and starts arguing with Enigma. Enigma hits Maddox in the face, but Maddox shoves Enigma down to the mat. She looks up at him with a look of worry in her eyes. She then crawls back up to her feet using the ropes, but when she turns around Maddox is waiting and hits his finishers, The Face Lift (Claymore Kick) and knocks Enigma out cold. She goes limp and Maddox makes the definitive cover.




Paul Blair:

“I can’t believe it! Jennifer Enigma has been eliminated and by Michael Maddox no less. This is a shocking development, Mr Morelli!”

Joseph J. Morelli:

“Indeed it is. I didn’t see that one coming at all.”

Paul Blair:

“Nash attacks Maddox as he is standing back up and tosses Maddox out of the ring to the floor. He then turns around and Star pulls himself up to his feet. Star is in desperation mode and goes for a Star Kick (Claymore Kick), but Nash sidesteps it and instead catches Star with his own finisher, Ryker’s Island (Stunner) and Star’s neck snaps and he rolls backwards, bouncing off the ropes. Nash immediately goes for the cover.




Paul Blair:

“And ANOTHER elimination right after the first one! WOW!”

Joseph J. Morelli:

“Star just wasn’t that impressive tonight, but we’re down to two now. Maddox and Nash. Who will move onto Night 2?!”

As Nash stands back up to his feet, he looks to the outside of the ring where Maddox is standing and the two exchange words.

Paul Blair:

“These two warriors are at each other’s throats tonight. Nobody wants to concede.”

Joseph J. Morelli:

“Everyone wants to become the first-ever GTW Grand Champion. Tensions are at an all-time high, Paul.”

Paul Blair:

Nash invites Maddox to come back into the ring and Maddox cautiously does so. As Maddox points at Nash, Nash licks his lips and then rushes the legend and the two lock it up and Maddox takes him over and to the mat. He grinds in a headlock, but Nash powers up to his feet and elbows him in the stomach. He goes running off, but Maddox grabs his braided ponytail and jerks him down to the mat. Nash holds his head in pain. Maddox has a twisted smile on his face now.

Joseph J. Morelli:

“It looks like we may be nearing the end of this Fatal Four Way Match, Paul.”

Paul Blair:

Maddox backs up to the nearest corner and stomps his foot. He waits for Nash to get up and Nash gets to one knee and then to his feet. He turns around and Maddox attempts to hit him with The Face Lift (Claymore Kick) as he did to Enigma earlier, but Nash ducks it and Maddox lands hard. Nash stalks the downed Maddox and as Maddox gets to his feet, Nash kicks him in the stomach and goes for Ryker’s Island (Stunner), but Maddox shoves him away. Nash turns around and Maddox pushes him back and out of nowhere he hits a tandem Face Lift (Claymore Kick) on Nash and the big man is down! Maddox goes for the cover!”




As Maddox stands up and celebrates his win, his woman, Val Valour, enters the ring and has a microphone in hand. She takes Michael Maddox’s hand and raises it and speaks into the mic.

Val Valour:

“And your WINNER of this match, moving onto Night 2… MY MAN… MICHAEL MADDOX!!!”

Paul Blair:

“What a damn match we just witnessed, Mr Morelli. I can’t believe what we just saw. If that is what the fans can expect from GTW they are in for a wild ride!”

Joseph J. Morelli:

“GTW is a revolution and this is just the beginning. The night is far from over Paul. Congratulations to Michael Maddox on advancing to the Vault of Grandeur, though. He deserved that win for sure.”  

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#64 Deena “the perfect 11” Frenzy

Posted by The Greatness on 10 July 2020 - 01:39 AM

Name of Handler: Mark

Name of Manager: Deena Frenzy

Manager'd Pic Base: Camille Kaine

Manager's Theme Song: God gave me everything I want by Mick Jagger

Manager's Client(s): Mark Frenzy (her husband)
Chris Frenzy (her brother in law)

Manager's Alignment: Heel

Manager Similar To: Zelina Vega or Tammy Lynn Sytch
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#58 GTW News

Posted by Joseph J. Morelli on 07 July 2020 - 05:22 PM

Get them promos up boys and girls! If you have more than one character and you didn't rp one for each we will not book whoever no shows. If you are having issues keeping up with more than one character let us know.
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#54 GTW News

Posted by Joseph J. Morelli on 29 June 2020 - 06:18 PM

GTW proudly announces the signing of the new commentary team of Val Valour and "The Ruler" Paul Blair! Also we have hired Audrey Morelli as GTW's Senior Referee.
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#46 Taken Pic Bases & Theme Songs

Posted by Havok on 20 June 2020 - 11:06 AM

I have taken the time to update the Picture Bases and Theme music

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#37 GTW News

Posted by Havok on 18 June 2020 - 09:00 PM

Thank you for the position of GM. 

I'm lookimg forward to see how good this fed can become. 

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#35 GTW News

Posted by Michael Maddox on 17 June 2020 - 04:07 AM

Thanks for the promotion i appreciate it homie

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#34 GTW News

Posted by Joseph J. Morelli on 17 June 2020 - 04:01 AM

Okay guys..here's the deal. The matches have been made. So far it's 5 three way dances then those 5 move on to the next night and try to conquer the vault. It's similar to a Elimination Chamber match. Also there will be one wild card out of the losers who will start the vault match against one of the winners bu random draw. The Vault Match doesn't begin until all 4 of the vaults have been opened and everybody is in the match. Every 3 minutes a new competitor will put in a combo to their vault and see if it opens. Whoever's vault opens enters the match. When it gets down to the final 2 they will move over to a connecting rimg that is set for a Tokyo Death Match. Winner becomes our first ever GTW Grand Champion.

The hold up right now is Mike Wix has gone awol. We need to see if anybody else needs their account validated to join GTW. If we have more they will just be added to the 3 way dances. Thank you for your patience and this way at least we don't have to worry about the holiday (4th of July).

Staff looks like this.
Owner/COO Joseph J. Morelli
Owner/CEO Mia Morelli
President Carlos Saleh
Senior Vice President Michael Sanzone
GM Eddie Havok

So Friday all matches will be finalized and you can begin rping. Remember for the first show it's a 3 week 3 promo no word limit cycle. Regular shows will be 2 promo 2 week cycle and some titles will have a word cap. Example The United Nations Title will have a 3k limit word wise.
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#33 GTW News

Posted by Michael Maddox on 17 June 2020 - 03:31 AM

Welcome Eddie glad to see you here. 

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#32 GTW News

Posted by Joseph J. Morelli on 16 June 2020 - 02:12 AM

Card will be out Tuesday. Give a warm welcome to our new GM Eddie Williams (Havok)!
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#31 The Greatness

Posted by The Greatness on 12 June 2020 - 02:04 AM

Name of Team or Stable: The Greatness
Members of Stable Team: Mark and Chris Frenzy
Is this a Stable or Tag Team?: Tag Team
Theme Music: Perfect Strangers by Deep Purple
Team Entrance:

perfect strangers hits as Mark and Chris Frenzy enter the arena. They both pose in the entry way as pyro shoots off behind them. They are wearing matching robes that are blue and gold. Beside them are two gorgeous women. Megan and Deena both dressed in black dresses with heels to match. They pose as well as the four people walk down the ramp and hear boos from everyone..

“Making their way down the aisle from anywhere but here. The best dressed best tag team on planet earth. The greatest Mark frenzy and gods gift Chris frenzy. They are the greatness!!!!” Mark Megan Chris and Deena keep walking down the ramp as they come to the end of the ramp. Mark and Chris climb onto the apron as they help Deena and Megan onto the apron. The men hold down the middle rope as Deena and Megan give mark and chris some kisses as they climb in the ring. Mark and Chris climb in next and smile as they pose on the closest corner. They get down and remove their robes and hand them to the time keeper as they turn and await their opponents.

Tag Team Finisher(s):
We reign over all (powerbomb/ back cracker combo)
GRS Greatness Reigns Supreme (powerbomb hold / European uppercut combo)
Tag Team Moves:
Bear hug hold/ top rope leg drop
Sitout powerbomb/ edgimatic convo
Suplex/powerbomb combo
Flapjack/ codebreaker
Fireman carry/ neckbreaker
Bear hug hold/ reverse bulldog
Spike piledriver
Backbreaker hold/ second rope elbow drop
Double arm wrench
Flapjack ddt
Double slingshot suplex
Superplex/ diving splash
Sto/ sweep combo
Jumping back elbow/ sweep combo
Double suplex
Double ddt
Toss into a spear
Wheel barrel suplex into a whirling lariat
Reverse Ddt/ sidewalk slam combo
Double powerbomb
Team Similar to encase we get stumped when writing: The revival
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#26 GTW News

Posted by Joseph J. Morelli on 09 June 2020 - 01:39 AM

Get those applications im! The first Grand Champion will be crowned at our first show!
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#25 GTW News

Posted by Joseph J. Morelli on 06 June 2020 - 07:02 AM

AUF talent are welcomed here. Staff is here to help. Thanks for your support. We are pleased to announce the signing of AUF Legend Mark Frenzy! Who is going to sign? As your World Champion you know I'll be around and how about some others? Kari and Eric Paisano..the Power Couple? Or how about the Arthur Mills and his entourage? Updates will now be done daily!
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#24 GTW News

Posted by Joseph J. Morelli on 06 June 2020 - 06:57 AM

Due to interest I'll wait until next Friday to post the first card Genesis of Graduer: Conquer the Vault. The first night will probably be five 5 Way Matches. The winner of the 5 matches moves on to the next night for The Vault of Grandeur Elimination Match. The last 2 move into a Tokyo Death Match set right next to the Vault. The winner of that is our first Grand Champion of GTW! Everybody on the roster or reserved picbase may be in the first nights matches. We need 25 participants. Any questions please pm me on Facebook or here. I don't check pms in my box as quick as I do on messenger. Also @MikeWix and @CarlosSaleh can assist you. Thanks for giving us a look. We will be schedule friendly. Just give us a chance and you'll be satisfied with the results..written or otherwise.
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#142 GTW News

Posted by Joseph J. Morelli on 31 July 2020 - 04:03 PM

GTW is proud to announce coming soon..the GTW Legends Title!
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