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Match Five: Moira V. Storm V. Rose V. Rossi. Genesis of Grandeur: Conquer the Vault

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#1 Michael Maddox

Michael Maddox


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Posted 19 June 2020 - 05:51 PM

Genesis of Grandeur: Conquer the Vault


-Match Five-

Fatal Four Way


3 RP Limit No Word Cap.



Jessika Storm

Diamond Rose

Sabrina Rossi

#2 martin



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Posted 21 June 2020 - 09:32 AM

Tokyo Japan if here is corona can we don,t know?But as GTW crew still has do our job.So we went back to the hotel to meet Moira and her son Basil .

Yes she is the hot temper one promise be a emotional meet&greet. Diamond Rose, Sabrina Rossi and Jessika Storm will have their hands full.


No Moira but Basil junior her manager/son came up to us.So we let him talk.


BJ. My mum would be resting so I took it over. Yes she was a big name once that,s history.Mystery of the North was her name.In 2018 was CWA six men tagteam champion.

After that promoter had ask to leave she was too hot tempered. Did save me in situations some had fixed self.

About the match a new chance for her she is still around yes will be tough. Hell no she is coming !


That was true a redisch big woman came in room took it over.


Moira. Basil you are like your dad think can,t talk for myself. I can so put lid on it.


Noira. Diamond Rose seen you on tape and live in action. You do impress me are just so tough cookie to crack as I am !


Moira.Sanrina never saw you in action. From what hear you like run your mouth. Girl give me no lip or smack taste out your mouth.


Moira.Jessika lass who are no clue but be sure we,ll meet in the ring.


Basil stood up and confronted Moira woa.


Basil.Mama you know been hours underway you got jetlag hop to bed.I will look if got candybars bring it to you.


Moira no goodbye did Basil for her they went to shop for candybars. Yes she is his mum too and not really listen.

We fear Basil has stop mum when get very angry nobody is save. Is true she took out two referee,s with a ko punch in one match.

#3 The Bloodline

The Bloodline


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Posted 10 July 2020 - 07:53 AM

"Left Behind" by Dale Oliver & Kenneth Nixon blasts throughout the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo,Japan......"The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi slowly starts to walk out onto the stage then she walk down the ramp then "The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi \ walk into the ring and "The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi motions for a microphone
Justin Roberts walks over then he hands the microphone over to "The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi
"The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi:For those of you who have been living under a rock..My name is "The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi
"The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi looks around at the crowd boo as she puts the microphone back up to her mouth 
"The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi:Shut up...I don't want or need your approval or gratitude or even cheers...I could really care less if you if you cheer me...actually don't because i am not here for you...I'm here for me 
Fans Boo
"The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi smirks as she gets the reaction she wanted
"The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi:Now in just a few days...i'm making my debut for GTW in a fatal four way against Jessika Storm 
Fans give a mixed reaction
"The Forgotten One" Sabrina Moria 
"The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi:And last but not least we have the nutty professor Diamond Rose and i don't anything about these ladies but after I'm done with you all...I will be Forgotten No More
"The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi throws down the microphone
"Left Behind" by Dale Oliver & Kenneth Nixon blasts throughout the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo,Japan......"The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi slowly starts to walk out of the ring then she walks up the ramp and walk backstage 
Scene Fades

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